Welcome to the parish of St Austin's & English Martyrs

The Churches of St Austin's, Wakefield, Est. 1828 & English Martyrs, Wakefield, Est. 1932

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Changes in the Parish

As you will remember, when the Bishop appointed Fr Willis to the parish last year, it was on the understanding that at the end of twelve months he would be leaving us to take up his new, permanent appointment as chaplain to the Carmelite sisters at Wood Hall. I am now able to tell you that the Bishop has appointed a successor to Fr Willis in the person of Fr Darren Jones. Fr Jones spent a little time with us in the parish in pastoral placement from seminary last January (2019) so he will be familiar I am sure to many of you. Fr  Jones will be ordained on 25th of this month. Please keep him in your prayers. I want to take this opportunity of thanking Fr Willis for his help and support these last months. When things return to normal there will be an opportunity to say goodbye to him properly I am sure. I would also like, on behalf of you all to wish a warm welcome to our new curate, who will be arriving in the parish sometime around the middle of August.