Welcome to the parish of St Austin's & English Martyrs

The Churches of St Austin's, Wakefield, Est. 1828 & English Martyrs, Wakefield, Est. 1932

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We have received guidance and regulations from both Bishop Marcus and from the government regarding the resumption of public Masses. Over the next week measures will be put into place to enable Mass to be said again in public in both our churches. Please note that the obligation to go to Mass on Sunday is still suspended. Consequently those wishing to attend Mass should consider the possibility of doing so on a weekday. This would ease the pressure on numbers attending Sunday celebrations.  Many churches will continue to live stream Mass

The resumption of public Masses at St Austin's is set to be Saturday 18th July with the Vigil Mass at 6.15p.m. The start date and the times of all the Masses will be published here once approval is given by the diocese and we have a booking system in place. There will also be information that will, hopefully, be sent out to all parishioners giving more details about the procedures for Mass when it does restart.

More information in the form of 'Frequently Asked Questions' has been published by the diocese here

VOLUNTEERS are needed

Each Mass will need four stewards. We do already have some kind volunteers enabling the church to be open for private prayer. More are needed now for Mass. Duties will include guiding visitors in and out of church, helping to clean the places where people have sat, checking the register of those who have booked places and taking contact details from those who have not booked and space is available.

Volunteers are also needed to help with the distribution of the information sheet that will be given out to parishioners over the next two weeks. 

If you are able to help out please contact Bernard Martin by email: berneboy60@gmail.com or by telephone on 07858257839 or 01924 299091