Welcome to the parish of St Austin's & English Martyrs

The Churches of St Austin's, Wakefield, Est. 1828 & English Martyrs, Wakefield, Est. 1932

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Parish Retreat

We have had a provisional parish retreat booked for many months - Friday September 17th arriving in the afternoon for supper at 6 p.m. and leaving on the Sunday after a Sunday Dinner  at lunchtime.

The Briery is at Ilkley and we have had retreats there previously which went very well.


Rooms are mostly ensuite single rooms though there are large double rooms for couples or if you want. There is actually a house for three on site too.

The weekend will be led by a member of The Briery Retreat Team and will include prayer, reflection,Sunday Mass, usually the opportunity for Confession and even individual confidential support.

Saturday afternoon is free time to use as you wish so could include a riverside walk.

There is even love and laughter with fellow parishioners!

We have ten committed already but really want about twenty to work well. Please let me know or ask me owt you want to know!

Cost is £115 with all found.


Please contact Bernard Martin  berneboy60@gmail.com