Admitted To Hospital

You are entitled to a visit from a Catholic priest according to article 9 of the European Commission on Human Rights.

Admitted To Hospital

The European Convention on Human Rights, Article 9 Freedom – of thought, conscience and religion states:

“Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief, in worship, teaching, practice and observance.”

Moreover, the article, is viewed by NHS Patient Services Departments. It is pastorally imperative that individuals clearly state their specific intentions. In order, to receive the best possible and appropriate care from the Catholic Chaplain on duty.

In addition, if you have not seen the Chaplain and wish to do so, please ask the ward sister to contact him directly. 

Chaplain at Pinderfields Hospital is Fr Chris Butler
The Chaplain at Dewsbury is Fr Patrick Mungovin

The Chaplain at Pontefract Hospital is Fr Tim Wiley.

In order to make this process slightly easier for you business sized cards are now available in both our churches. These state quite clearly that you are a Catholic and would like a visit from the Catholic Chaplain. Please print your name, sign and date before keeping them safely in your wallet or purse. As such, if some of your friends or family members would like a card, please take one. The cards have the new contact details of our parish are printed. Which could be useful at any time!

Admitted To Hospital