Social Groups

Singing for Pleasure

Singing for pleasure – meets in the thompson room in St Austin’s Community Centre every Thursday (except for school holidays)

In term time, at 1:30pm to sing for fun followed by tea and a chat. No auditions. Come along, give it a try!

For more information please contact Eileen Worton. Tel. 07761386512 or 01924375278


The Catenians are a group of Catholic men committed wholeheartedly to their faith, families, parish communities and to each other who meet socially to share their beliefs and values. The Catenian motto is ‘strengthening family life through friendship and faith’. It is an international organisation of around 10,000 members mainly in the UK and Ireland but growing in popularity in Australia, India, Malta and parts of Africa.

Our Mission is to enhance and invigorate our faith by defence of catholic teaching and the common good. We endeavour to help Catholics in career choices and redeployment by networking opportunities, advice and counselling. We also help each other and/or dependents in difficulty or need. The Catenian Association raises funds for a number of charities including financially supporting young Catholics aged between 16 and 24 participating in voluntary community based projects both at home and abroad from the UK Catenian Bursary Fund. 

The local branches of the Catenian Association are known as Circles and Wakefield (West has recently joined with Barnsley to form the ‘Calder & Dearne Valley Circle’ and meetings are now held in both Wakefield and Barnsley over the year.

Interested? ?Please consider joining us as a new a member with no obligation on your part. If you are a Catholic man over 18 years you are eligible. Come along initially as a visitor and an observer, with prior notice, to see if it is for you and your family. Supporting brochures explaining the nature and ethos of the Association can also be made available. You can find us online simply ‘Google’ “Wakefield Catenians” or the UK national website “The Catenians” or contact parishioner Mike Starford at